Recent projects

North Cedar Improvement District

WaterySys® Direct Filtration System

Manufacture and supply of a WaterSys® Conventional Direct Filtration Rapid Rate Multi-media potable water filtration package 1000USGPM capacity, complete with control panel, PLC programming and SCADA.

Village of Radium Hot Springs

WaterySys® Direct Filtration System

Manufacturing and Supply of and independent Direct Filtration module to match existing modules for 500USGPM capacity, including control panel and PLC programming.

Allison Creek Brood Trout Station

Atlantium Ultraviolet Disinfection

Supply of six Atlantium Technologies UV disinfection systems. for disinfection 175USGPM & 100USGPM Make Up Water, and 1635USGPM Recirculation Water.

Procesco Inc. is a Canadian-based engineered sales company offering a wide range of process, water and wastewater products and services to clients in Western Canada. We are based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.