Pilot Testing & Piloting Equipment

Procesco Inc. can provide Piloting equipment to assist with the selection of the most effective technologies for the project conditions.

Operator Training & Assistance

Procesco provides operator training on all packages, and will work alongside operators to assist with any operational or maintenance issues, including plant optimization.  Please feel free to contact us for support regarding any existing Procesco systems.

Process & Equipment Selection

Procesco Inc. can provide custom design services to suit any application.  We want to ensure our customers are provided with the most suitable technology for their water treatment systems.

Process Guaranties & Equipment Warranties

Optimal system performance and water quality are our main priority.  We provide package warranties and Process Guarantees so that our customers have peace of mind knowing that system performance will meet or exceed expectations.

Installation Supervision, Start-up and Commissioning

Procesco provides on-site support to engineers, contractors, and operators to get their project up & running on-time and within budget.

Maintenance & On-going Support

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance of equipment.  Procesco can provide spare parts, service, and on-going support for maintenance issues.

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Procesco Inc. is a Canadian-based engineered sales company offering a wide range of process, water and wastewater products and services to clients in Western Canada. We are based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.