Town of Turner Valley WTP

BioSys Biological Filters

Pilot testing of Biologically Activated GAC Filters, BioSys®, as a pretreatment for Town of Turner Valley potable water treatment plan process.

Manufacturing and Supply of Six (6) – 2.4 m diameter each GAC filters with filter media, valves and instrumentation

Blazer Water Treatment Plant

Conventional Gravity Plant with DAF

Supply and Installation of a turn-key potable water treatment plant, WaterSys®
Upgrade of 75 ugpm existing conventional gravity plant with DAF system
Supply (2) new 150 usgpm each DAF trains c/w Chemical feed, Rapid mixers, Flocculators, High Rate Clarifier, DAF, Filters, Valves and Instrumentatiuon
UV system to Alberta Environment Guidelines
Electrical Control Panel, PLC and SCADA system
Approval with Alberta Environment, Process and mechanical equipment manufacturing, supply, installation and start up.

Devon Energy – Jackfish 1 & 2

WaterSys® Potable WTP

Potable Water Treatment Packages complete with:
– Structural skid 20 x 50 feet c/w building
– Duplex pressure filters for Fe and Mn removal
– UV system
– 15’dia. x 15’ht FRP potable water storage tank
– Distribution system c/w 3×10 hp inline pumps
– Electrical control system c/w PLC 28 USGPM NF system for TDS removal

CNRL – Wolf Lake 4

Lime & Magox Silos

Sales, Installation and Installation Supervision of the 26’ dia x 70’ Ht Hydrated Lime and 18’ dia x 65’ Ht Magox Silo Systems for Wolf Lake 4 SAGD plant

City of Moose Jaw WWTP

Secondary Clarifier

Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade with Inlet Screen, Biolac Extended Aeration Lagoon System and Clarifiers

Village of Cremona

Biological Water Treatment

6 L/s ground water treatment plant, BioSys®, for Manganese and Ammonia removal, including pilot testing and process selection of Chemical/ Biological potable water treatment system.

The City of Calgary

Leachate Treatment Pilot Plant

Landfill leachate treatment Pilot Plant by Dynatec.

Hamlet of Nordegg

Waste Water Lagoon Aeration

Supply, installation supervision and start up assistance of 620 m3/d lagoon waste water treatment system complete with floating aerators, stationary aeration system and blowers

Rocky View Coop WTP

Dissolved Air Flotation

Manufacturing and Supply or additional DAF potable water treatment systems, WaterSys®, each 750 usgpm

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